Repairs, rebuilds, reconditioning

Shackleton banjo workshop repair bench

We don't just build great instruments from scratch here at the Shackleton factory. We also repair, rebuild and recondition customer instruments. We have the skills, the passion, and of course the facilities to bring your banjo, your guitar, or any other stringed and fretted instrument back to life: whether it's just a little tired, or even looking 'a bit beyond'.

Services include:

  • FREE appraisal service (see below)
  • Full and partial refretting and fret dressing
  • Repairs to pots and bodies
  • Neck straightening (and complete repairs of broken necks) or neck replacement
  • Set-ups
  • Reskinning and restringing
  • Replacement and/or reconditioning of hardware, including tuners and pickups
  • All services available for: banjos, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins and more

Our appraisal service is completely free of charge. Simply contact us to arrange. We can do guide estimates based on photographs and written/phone description, with a confirmed quote for you when we see the instrument. Our quotes are based on the hours involved and cost of materials and parts. You'll find both are very reasonable. Superb quality is guaranteed. We can't always work miracles: but we can get pretty close!

You can view some of our repair work here