Our Story



"Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results." 
Ernest Shackleton

We are Shackleton Instruments Ltd and we're dedicated to creating superb handmade musical instruments, right here in Britain. In 2013 we set up our workshop to create quality British banjos, which have not been produced in numbers in Britain for more than 60 years. We called our first instrument The Shackleton, in honour of the role which a banjo played in maintaining morale for the members of Shackleton’s  Endurance expedition a century ago. That story inspired us as we began to craft our first instruments, and it continues to do so as we develop new models, reflected in the aesthetic of our products

Made in Britain

We are passionately committed to building in Britain because we believe that, at its best, British craftsmanship is hard to rival. And when we say ‘made in Britain’, we really mean it. All of our instruments are handmade in the UK: in our workshop in Norwich, Norfolk. Of course when we need a particular component that just isn’t available in the UK, hardware for our banjos for example, then we import that. But we always make that clear in the product description. We hope that you will love our instruments, and that you will also share our enthusiasm for making great things in Britain.

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