Meet the Shackleton Instruments team


Geoff Ransome

Geoff Ransome, Chief Banjoneer, Executive Director

Geoff always pestered his family for a guitar and after receiving one at the age of 11 he promptly dismantled it! This pattern continued until the age of 15 when he made his first instrument. Inspired by this Geoff went on to study Classical Musical Instrument Technology and Fine Craft and Design. As Shackleton himself said “Optimism is true moral courage”, and after approaching a crazy guy he saw on TV who wanted to make British banjos (the crazy guy being company founder, Simon) he was quickly hired to join the team. As Chief Designer and Chief Banjoneer, Geoff leads his crew on the production of the entire Shackleton collection.

Fraser Knight

Fraser Knight, Workshop Manager, Banjoneer

Fraser has survived the most treacherous of journeys on his move South to Norfolk from sunny Scotland. Having spent years studying furniture craft and design at college and university, he is now applying the skills he developed in his new adventure as a Banjoneer with Shackleton. He quickly adapted to the demands of instrument making and can play a fine tune on a banjo!  Fraser clearly follows the Shackleton philosophy that “superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results” in producing beautiful handmade instruments.