Customer Feedback

Fraser turning Shackleton banjo pot

"Looks great, sounds great, feels great!! A whole world of difference!! Great instrument. Very well made: holding up very well in some particularly trying situations!!!!!"
Adam Evans (Natalie Imbruglia’s guitarist and banjo player)
"In 2014 I purchased  a Shackleton Original banjo with Oak Burr pot. This banjo has been played every day since purchase and I have been delighted with its all round performance. I have been thinking about purchasing another Shackleton banjo and I received my second Shackleton Original series banjo in February 2016. I have been absolutely delighted and over the moon with the overall look and finish of the instrument. The banjo is now set up and sounds great. So many thanks to the team at Shackleton Instruments for producing a brilliant banjo."
John Bryce (Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire)
“Just thought I would feedback that I took my tenor banjo along to a local village open mic session on Burns night and I played a medley of Scottish reels. The sound was awesome. Many people commented on how pleasant it sounded and not as harsh as a banjo normally sounds. Just thought you might like to hear the feedback – I am so enjoying playing it and really motivated to increase my jig/reel repertoire to take it to other outings. Nice one guys, keep up the great work. It's a beauty: I am really impressed with the overall quality and workmanship. I have a few top end custom shop guitars from Gibson and Brook (another British maker in Exeter) and its up there with those for sure. The overall sound/tone is very ‘musical’ and not too plunky/brash like a lot of banjos, even expensive ones, I have tried. This was exactly the type of sound I was after, so please pass on my huge thanks to all involved in the construction.”
Gary (St. Ives, Cambridgeshire)

“The Shackleton (Original) itself is surprisingly light, coming in at around 2Kg. It still manages to have the depth of tone of a much heavier instrument (not sure how they’ve managed that) and the sensitivity and sustain is just incredible. Every aspect of the instrument reeks of quality and precision – it’s easy to say ‘hand-made in Britain’, but when you actually open the box and take out a work of art which is assembled and set up to such exacting standards – well, I reckon that Sir Ernest Shackleton would be proud."
John Dow (Livingston, West Lothian)

Other customers have written to us to say...

"My Shackleton arrived today and it was well worth the wait.  It looks and sounds fantastic.  I love the burr oak rim, and even the Schertler tuners!  It is very well finished and so light.  I wasn’t sure how the frailing scoop would look but it too has been beautifully done.  All this and made in Norfolk.  Bootiful! I am very pleased to be one of the first owners of this new, British-made banjo. It is exactly what I was looking for."

"Dear Simon, I just wanted to thank you and the team for the (Shackleton) banjo. It is beautifully made. I have been so proud to be a very small part in this project and take my hat off to you and all your very skilful craftsmen for this wonderful banjo. I think Ernest Shackleton would have been very proud!"

"My Shackleton arrived Monday evening, it is a thing a real beauty. Simple lines, balanced, amazingly light, the tone and sound it makes, even in the hands of this fat fingered, clumsy beginner, is superb. It has been definitely worth the wait. It has been really exciting to be a small part of this project, so thank you to the team for all the hard work, passion and commitment for pulling this off. In terms of customer satisfaction, I’ll quote another Norwich based legend by simply saying 'back of the net!' "

"To call the banjo amazing is an understatement. I’m having trouble expressing how fantastic this instrument is. It’s beyond beautiful in its simplicity. The sound is clear and crisp, with a bright ringing tone. I can’t keep a smile off my face while I play. This is the first nice banjo I’ve ever had, and I can’t believe how much my playing has improved. I’m likewise very excited to have been a small part of the creation of this banjo – it’s not just another banjo off the shelf; it’s the 12th Shackleton banjo lovingly made by hand (for me!), and now my family and I are singing and playing and creating memories!"

"I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ again for my new Shackleton banjo and let you know that I’m really pleased with it. It looks, plays and sounds great. Congratulations!"

"The Shackleton banjo arrived on Monday and we are VERY pleased with it. It was bought as a present for my wife Lynn. She took it to her lesson yesterday and her teacher was extremely impressed with it’s build quality, appearance and sound, he may be ordering one for himself. Thank you for an excellent banjo it was worth waiting for."

"I just received my Shackleton banjo today. I am so very, very impressed. I feel like I have a treasure in my possession. It looks and sounds stunning and arrived after its big trip across the pond almost perfectly in tune! Thank you Shackleton team. You are amazing!!"

"Just letting you know that the banjo arrived safely yesterday afternoon, its absolutely beautiful, we’re thrilled with it."

" My new standard expeditionary banjo arrived at my sister's in Inverness as planned last week - it's a thing of beauty! Got it home to Shetland this morning. It has a fine rich sound. So thanks for  all the effort in building it that way. Keep up the good work! "

" I've been enjoying my banjo! Thank you again for being so helpful, I'm extremely satisfied with the entire process! I will always recommend Shackleton Instruments to anybody I hear of looking to purchase a banjo. I'd ordered a case for it as well, and received emails saying the case would arrive Friday, and the banjo would arrive Monday. My case arrived on Friday as expected, and man was I floored when I found my banjo inside! Tricky fellows! I found that I preferred the way it sounded with the standard bridge, however I put the custom bridge on my Deering, and it improved the way it sounded! Took a custom bridge from the UK to make my American made banjo sound right!"

" Well my banjo arrived on Friday morning. I have no idea what a banjo of that cost should sound like but I am bloody impressed! It's almost a different instrument. No jangliness, balance and tonal integrity with every note and impeccable playability. Congratulations on your craftsmanship. Superb instrument and I am very pleased with it."

" I've just had a chance to open up the box and take a look at the banjo. It's very lovely. Can't believe the level of craftsmanship for the price I paid."

"The banjo you so beautifully crafted arrived a couple days ago.  It is a lovely sight to behold and I’m thoroughly enjoying playing it.  As a bassist there was a certain warmth and depth I was looking for in the lower register of this banjo, and I love the end result – absolutely gorgeous tone.  And the ziricote trim is really quite something to look at.  It provides so much character to a banjo already oozing with it.  Thank you both for the fine work you do.  I wish you the best and hope 2017 treats you well!"