Collinson - The Salts  From the earliest age Lee has been blessed with fingers  capable of guitar-playing beyond mere mortals! Reaching  the BBC ‘Young Folk’ finals – twice, touring in a trio with  Keith Hancock and Clive Gregson, and forging a  successful solo career with his eclectic repertoire  comprising folk in all of its forms. His albums, co-  produced by Dave Swan, feature guest appearances from the likes of Christine Collister, Barb Jungr and Tom McConville and his career has taken him all over the world. The Salts has given Lee the opportunity to perform in a band environment and transfer his guitar skills to the 5 string banjo…an exciting departure!!

Lee plays a customised Shackleton Islander banjo with EMG pickup. You can see Lee's 'Salty Dog' Islander here 

You can view the stock Islander here 

Find out more about The Salts and where you can see them play here 

 Toby Wilson The Jake Leg Jug Band.

Toby received his first guitar at the age of  four - a present from his folk singer father  Bob, who was touring the folk clubs back  in the late 60s. He grew up on a  smallholding in the Staffordshire  Moorlands where it was quite the norm for  there to be rehearsals and impromptu  music sessions going on into the wee  small hours.

 No wonder perhaps that he therefore  started a band in high school and then  went on through his teens to 'graduate'  from 60s bands to touring cabaret bands  eventually studying music at Leeds  College of Music.
 Toby fell in love with the banjo and dobro  (resonator slide guitar) in the late 90's and  soon after this met up with local musician and songwriter Graham Breeze and they have been performing together as a duo ever since. The Jake Leg Jug Band has set Toby on a brand new course into previously uncharted musical territory - and he’s enjoying every minute of it!

Toby plays a customised Shackleton Expeditionary Banjo with EMG pickup.

You can see the stock Expeditionary here

You can see Toby's custom 'Bootlegger' Expeditionary here

You can find out more about the Jake Leg Jug Band and where you can see them play by clicking here

Ewan McLennan has, in a short space of time, come to be known as a guitarist at the forefront of his generation; a troubadour, balladeer and storyteller cut in the old style; a singer that can move audiences with his passion and pathos; and a songwriter for whom social justice is still a burning issue.

By the time he began playing the folk and acoustic music clubs around Britain in 2010 he’d already been playing music for years – guitar and piano and all kinds of styles but with a strong interest in folk songs.

He was signed to Fellside Records also in 2010 and recorded his first full album, ‘Rags & Robes’. It received critical acclaim, put him firmly on the folk circuit and in 2011 won him the prestigious Horizon Award at the BBC Folk Awards.

His second album, ‘The Last Bird To Sing’, was released two years later in 2012 and again was enthusiastically received. He continued to win awards off the back of this: two Spiral Earth Awards in 2013 and then the Alistair Hulett Memorial Prize for Political Songwriting the same year.

This also led on to him being asked to be part of the acclaimed Transatlantic Sessions in 2013, which saw him performing and recording alongside some of the world’s finest folk musicians.

Having learnt from and worked with both Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan over recent years, it’s evident in Ewan’s guitar playing and in his music that he has absorbed and inherited a great deal, and at first hand, from the older generation of ‘folk greats’ before carving his own path. The songs he sings and writes are rooted in traditional songs and the tradition of folk music as social commentary.

Ewan’s most recent project, entitled Breaking the Spell of Loneliness, is a collaborative tour and album with renowned author and journalist George Monbiot, seeking to use music and word to open up the issue of loneliness and community.

Ewan plays a custom Old Time Edwardian. You can see the stock Old Time here. 

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