Custom & Bespoke

Geoff carving in Shackleton Instruments workshop

At Shackleton Instruments we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our ability to configure any of our designs to suit the preferences of individual customers. We've created numerous customised versions of our instruments, as well as entirely bespoke instruments. Whichever route you go down you will end up with a unique Shackleton instrument – an instrument truly individual to you. You really can have any Shackleton instrument any way you want it!

Custom options include:                      

  • Virtually any combination of tonewoods (for necks, pots, headstocks, veneers, inlays);

  • Personalised inlays and onlays (graphic devices, monograms and patterns) in mother of pearl, abalone, contrasting woods, brass, and silver;

  • Hand rubbed finishes such as Hard Wax Oil or French Polish;

  • Neck and scale length (from standard G scale through to long neck E scale, and shorter A scale 'singer banjos' as well as 19-fret tenors;

  • 4-string, 5-string and 6-string models;

  • Choice of tuners and hardware from the top branded manufacturers;

  • Electronics from the best EMG humbuckers to advanced Resocoil pickup systems, plus built-in microphones.
  • A wide range of Tone Rings from Bluegrass Flatheads to Bacon FF style

Click through to the Custom Banjos to get an idea of what is possible with Shackleton Instruments. Then contact us for more information or a detailed quotation.