So Who Plays a Shackleton Banjo?

So Who Plays a Shackleton Banjo?

In our first blog about artists who play Shackleton Banjos we introduce:

They've just finished recording their 4th album which is their third with Lake Records, the jazz arm of the folk label Fellside Recordings.

The folk label launched the careers of Jez Lowe, Spiers and Boden and Nancy Kerr & James Fagan to name but a few and the Jazz label is the home of Chris Barber and Spats Langham. Both are multiple award winners and have just celebrated their 40th anniversary.

The Jake Leg Jug Band bring you the authentic sounds of 1920's and 30's America - Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Ragtime - and put their own twist on it. Songs of murder, betrayal, gambling, liquor and redemption.

Signed to one of the UK's most prestigious Jazz labels ‘Lake Records’ they record their albums as part of the 'Vintage Recording Project' essentially recording all live around ribbon microphones, as it would have been back in the 1930’s. Three albums released in the last three years; ‘Cotton Mouth’, ‘Next Stop!’ and their latest offering ‘Everythin’s Jake’ have all met with rave reviews;

"A masterpiece of nostalgic music. The band display real virtuosity and create a wonderful sound that will be hard for any other band to repeat"
Folk North West

"A wonderful album. Expert musicianship and superb arrangements"

"Instrumental virtuosity. Very enjoyable, very listenable"
Blues & Rhythm

"Good time music from a good-time group"
The Jazz Rag

The line up is: Duncan Wilcox (Vocals & Double Bass), Sarah Miller (Vocals), Neil Hulse (Vocals & Guitar), Toby Wilson (Vocals, Banjo & Dobro), Liam Ward (Vocals, Harmonica & Jug) 

Toby Wilson, plays a Shackleton Expeditionary Banjo 

Up coming gigs:

1st May 2017  Ribble Valley Jazz Festival (Clitheroe, Lancashire)


13th May 2017 Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival (Cumbria)


20th May 2017 The Vale Jazz Weekend (Barry, Vale of Glamorgan)


29th May 2017 Newcastle Jazz & Blues Festival (Newcastle-under-Lyme)


10th/11th Jun 2017 Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival (Dumfries and Galloway)


Sun, 13th Aug 2017 Retro Festival (Newbury, Berkshire)


Sat, 19th Aug 2017 Pershore Jazz Festival (Worcestershire)


Fri, 1st Sep 2017 Bude Jazz Festival (Cornwall)


Sat, 18th Nov 2017 Teignmouth Jazz & Blues Festival (Devon)

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