Shackleton Centenary Zither Banjo

Shackleton Centenary Zither Banjo

A century after Ernest Shackleton’s heroic rescue mission, during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, the explorer’s story of survival and pure physical resilience is still as riveting as ever. August 30th 2016 marked the 100-year anniversary of Shackleton’s successful recovery of 22 crew members stranded on Elephant Island, two years after they embarked on the cross-continent trek also aptly known as the Endurance Expedition.

To celebrate this feat we are pleased to announce details of our latest British made banjo - The Shackleton Centenary Zither Banjo.

Our design is inspired by the Windsor Zither Banjo Hussey took with him on the epic journey 100 years ago. Saved from the sinking ship, it kept up moral of the crew, in Shackleton's own immortal words "vital mental medicine".

Our Shackleton Centenary Zither Banjo has already been used by Winston Marshall (of Mumford and Sons), with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, for a very special centenary recording inspired by Shackleton's adventure which is available here

Full details of the price and specification of the Shackleton Centenary Zither Banjo available here